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Stock news now revolves around the investment policies decided on the rise and fall of the share value and the price rates of the share portion in the stock market.

The role of economy is very vital in any nation. Stock news now will let all the investors know about the economical progress in the share market. Those who are trying their luck in investment should stay updated with the latest news of stock market. The main factor is to keep tracking the news either directly or indirectly through TV news newspapers etc. Finding and buying share is not the only issue that should be considered. Selling the share in a perfect opportunity is also very important. Assured money returns is the only future plan that all the investors think of.

Stock market is an integral part of any country’s economy. Some best stock news is daily published in the online stock market news. The current development involving International Business Machines Corp. (NYSE:IBM) is hot news to the stock market. This company is experiencing a temporary hurdle in revenue growth. But that won’t be a problem as IBM is taking necessary steps to achieve long term success in the growth prospect. The current price rate of IBM Company’s share is $186.76. The 52 weeks high and low price rates were $215.90 and 172.19 respectively. The current dividend yield is 2.03%. The EPS (Earn per Share) is 15.07 and the P/E ratio (Price-Earnings ratio) is 12.40.

FMC Corp. (NYSE: FMC) has decided to split itself into two different companies with agricultural and minerals department respectively. It is announced from the company that this is for the betterment of the minerals division which was neglected so far. A new CEO for the new company will be decided. It is expected that this new division will fetch earnings of 153 million (19 percent increase). Stock market news today has updated that FMC is currently trading its share at $83.10. A hike of 6.72 % has been experienced in the share price of the company. The 52 week high and low price rate has been $83.94 and $81.44 respectively. The current EPS of FMC is 3.35 and the P/E ratio is 24.80.

One of the best stock news has evolved around the current happenings in the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). The performance of this company has been a little lame after the retirement of its previous CEO Steve Jobs. The CEO Tim Cook has been concentrating on upgrading its DRAM memory which is to be used in ipad Air 2 and iPhone 6. It has been declared that Apple will soon reestablish its previous glory very soon. Apple is currently trading its share at $536.61 after a 0.10 % hike in the price rate. The 52 week high and low has been $575.14 and $385.10. The current EPS is 40.32 and the P/E ratio is 13.31.

Realistic investment is surely involves stock news now. The recent activities are very informative and helpful. New businessmen or conventional business holders, both of this group of men are trying to make their business fruitful and prosperous. So it is highly recommended to check out these new events in the stock market.